About me

Jennifer Gehr (1984) is a successful award winning international artist based in Switzerland.

She was educated in serveral international art schools for example in Barcelona, Madrid and Florence. Her work mainly focusses on realistic oil painting. She works in the style of the «old masters» which means that every painting is crafted in many layers to get a unique expression in her work. It is a process which requires time and a high level of precision.

Her trademark is her special brushstroke which looks a bit like pixels in a photograph. This gives the realistic work a modern and contemporary touch. Her current collection focuses on portraits of the female form in black and white. «In our world and ethical understanding people figure that things are often good or bad – black or white. But that’s not true – there is so much in between. Uncountable shades of «grey», Jennifer explains her motivation of this choice. Being a passioned photographer herself she is inspired by photografic effects like in fashion. She plays with strong contrasts composing her subjects in fascinating poses. Her current empowering collection is themed «Every girl who dreams becomes a woman with a vision».

She herself grew up in a strong religious context which restricted her work as an artist for many years. But she followed her artistic call, left the religion and broke free from all the rules and conventions. Her own vision came true.

With her paintings Jennifer aquired national and international attention. In 2019, she won a prize in New York and she exhibited in renowned art fairs and galleries all over Europe and the US, including the art Basel week Miami. US newspapers and TV and newspapers in Switzerland wrote about her and her work. In addition she is a book author for EMF Munich.



Current representations:

Galerie Kunsthaus Rapp, Wil, St. Gallen, Switzerland

Author Art Gallery, Georgia

Samir Sammoun Fine Art, Canada

Steiner The Gallery, Vienna, Austria

online on vivarte.com & artsy.com


Coming up:

• Winter Groupexhibition Georges Berges Gallery, New York, USA

• Art Expo New York, Author Art Gallery, GEO

• Groupexhibition Museum MEAM Barcelona, Artio Gallery, CA


Past exhibitions (selection)

• January 2024: Groupexhibition, Galerie Calabro, Zuerich, Switzerland

• April 2023: Groupexhibition, Art Expo New York, Steiner The Gallery, USA

• January 2023: Soloexhibition "Femme fatale", Galerie Kunsthaus Rapp, Switzerland

• November 2022: Groupexhibition, Art Basel Week Miami, Reddot, Steiner The Gallery, USA

• November 2021: Soloexhibition, Steiner The Gallery, Vienna, Austria

• September 2020: Art Marbella Fair, Galerie Van Gogh, Marbella, Spain

• June 2020: Groupexhibition “Viral Art”, Galerie Cael Pipin, Mailand, Italien

• 2019 Groupexhibition / 5th Oil Painting Competition, Salmagundi Art Club, 5th Av. NYC, USA

•2018 Groupexhibition “Farben – Formen – Emotionen”, Lindengut Museum, Flawil, St. Gallen, Switzerland

• 2017 Groupexhibition “Farben – Formen – Emotionen”, Lindengut Museum, Flawil, St. Gallen, Switzerland

• 2008 Soloexhibition: “Keller Galerie”, Zuerich, Switzerland

• 2007 Groupexhibition: Artfair “Art & Style, St. Gallen”, Switzerland

• 2006 Soloexhibition: “Galerie Doma”, St. Gallen, Switzerland